munich – oktoberfest

Now that we we’ve settled in, it’s time to take off!

A year ago, Daniel’s friend Vikas reserved a table at one of Oktoberfest’s oldest tents and now the big event had come. This would be a first for us, but not for Vikas, who lives in Berlin and had been to Oktoberfest the year before. It was time to put all of our state college drinking training to the test. For Dan, this would be no problem. As a regular G&T drinker myself, I was wondering how I would fare with the sheer volume of beer ahead of me.

From where Daniel and I live, we took the tram at Palais de Justice and purchased a single trip to the airport. It’s under 2EUR and although it takes about 30-40 minutes, it’s an easy and scenic trip. You can also purchase the Airport Shuttle ticket which is 8EUR and is more direct.

Vikas had reserved our group a table in the The Schottenhamel tent. It’s the oldest and most traditional tent, with the Schottenhamel family being represented at Oktoberfest since as far back as 1867. Ever year, the mayor of Munich taps the first keg of beer on the first day of the festival and from then on, the beer doesn’t stop flowing. This is a young tent, making it super rowdy! During the day, a brass band plays German folk music stopping every now and then for a mass “PROST!”. But at night, the band switches to college bar songs. Nothing makes you feel confusingly patriotic like a thousand people slurring along to “I Love Rock N Roll”.




In lieu of the traditional dirndl, I chose to go with the gingerbread cookie necklace, which amused me to no end.



After guzzling beer for hours inside the raucous tent, you’re set loose into the night where an equally raucous carnival awaits! I don’t know whose idea it was to put drunks on rides that spin but somehow it works.





We did three days! We loved it. And as much fun as it was, it’s something I’ll probably do once.


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