an english bookstore and a japanese garden

When we were packing our lives into several duffles to move to Toulouse, books were unfortunately the kind of item we had to leave behind. I finished the two books that I had come with, so I was in a pinch. Luckily for me, a Google search for an English bookstore returned this great find, aptly named…



The Bookshop, in operation for over 30 years, had almost too many choices! Daniel and I had just finished watching Capote the night before, so I picked out In Cold Blood as well as We Should All Be Feminists, the essay adapted from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s much-admired TEDx talk of the same name. The shop offers a frequent buyer card, so I’ll be back for more.


Because it was a nice day, I took these books to the park. I hopped on metro Line B to Compans Caffarelli to check out the very zen Jardin Japonais.





It was created in 1982 to resemble the gardens in Kyoto. There is a koi pond, a rock garden, and that awesome red bridge. But visitor beware: do not sit on the grass hoping to read in the sun. You will be scolded in French and you will have to shamefully walk over to a bench. That little incident aside, it was still very zen and a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


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  1. asmarsh says:

    What a beautiful spot. Except for the scolding incident. I used to hget scolded by the little old ladies on the bus in Montpellier when I was going to college. The most humiliating part of it was that I never understood what they were saying! So unable to correc t whatever I was doing wrong, I would just get off the bus and wait for the next one. After years of thinking about this, I realize I was probably not getting up fast enough to give them my seat. Oh well.


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