michel sarran

This Friday, Daniel and I had the most epic gastronomic journey. Courtesy of Daniel’s brother, we enjoyed a surprise menu at the 2-star Michelin rated restaurant, Michel Sarran.


Located just outside the city center, this small and intimate dining room is home to some of the most creative food being made in Toulouse, perhaps even the Midi-Pyrenees. The entire 4 hour experience was a whirlwind of flavors, interesting wines, and hospitality.


This meal was a graduation gift from Daniel’s brother who had told us to just show up and everything would be taken care of. We didn’t know what that entailed exactly. To start, we gave the maître d’ our names and after a quick discussion with his staff, he said “follow me”. At our table, they explained that we were about to receive the Surprise Menu – an aperitivo/champagne toast, four plates each paired with a glass of wine, a cheese platter, two desserts also paired with their own wines, and coffee.


Daniel and I just looked at each other with open mouths.

The aperitivo was a tube of duck confit that you squeezed onto little breadsticks. After that, each plate seemed to get more intricate and complex.


lobster tail and fried zucchini flower
cod fish with edible flowers


scallops with truffle shavings

In the picture above, our truffle scallops were paired with a wine that smelled like it had been aged in a whiskey barrel. It was the strongest wine I’ve ever had and gave an impressive bite.

The next plate was black pork and mushrooms cooked in a ceramic pot. The waiter carved it tableside with more care than I’ve seen people hold babies.


Michel Sarran’s name on the cutlery


The plates were deceivingly small servings. By this point in the meal, both of us felt like bursting. But we weren’t done yet. Next up was the cheese cart…


Our cheese samples were chosen with the same amount of care and consideration as the pork. The waitress suggested we try one goat cheese, one sheep, and one cow. She handed me a plate that would have been plenty enough for us to share – but then she choose three more pieces for Dan. You can’t turn down French cheese!

Finally, my most anticipated part of the meal came – dessert!

roasted apple and celery sorbet
apple custard and meringue
white bean mousse

The sweetest part of the meal came next…


Daniel proposed!

No one else was left in the restaurant and so we got to have the moment to ourselves. Unbeknownst to us however, a server had seen it from the other room and they brought us more champagne!


The whole night was more than I could ask for. We shared a world class meal in a fancy ass restaurant in France and now we can continue to share the rest of our lives together.

Not a bad Friday night!


Ring is from Artemer Jewelry


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  1. LOVE!! And now I’m hungry


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