I’ve come to learn that la ville rose has an overwhelming number of charming cafés and brasseries. While walking around town, you’re never too far from a terrace or cozy booth in which to enjoy an espresso. Recently, I visited three that were especially delightful.

Le Moaï


The first is closest to home and nestled within the Natural History Museum. It’s sometimes where I go to get out the apartment and write lesson plans…or when I’m tired of blogging in pajamas and want to join society. Le Moaï is a self-service cafe that serves really beautiful food. They also run the full gambit of espresso drinks, tea, and juices.


I like this cafe because it’s removed enough from the bustle of the museum atrium, but you can still hear the big groups of schoolkids gawking at the life-size African elephant on display.


Café Chouchou

This cozy place is the best for a glass of wine in the evening! I was first drawn in by the fluffy white blankets on each patio chair. The rest of the interior is decorated to resemble a ski chalet and it really does make you feel like you’ve just come off the slopes in need of an après-ski fondue to warm up.



One of my favorite things to get is a bottle of Chardonnay and their Camembert a la braise – a big round of Camembert cheese that comes out piping hot with confiture, chutney, and bread on the side.


I need to return when the back of the bar, called Le Ski Club, is open. It looks like a really cool place to have a group of friends.


I happened to meet the co-owner of ChouChou, a bubbly blonde named Lenka with an exotic accent, at a pilates class the other week. She’s the head bartender and has a mean pour!

Cafe de la Concorde

This gem is tucked just off of busy Boulevard de Strasbourg. Walking up to it is like stepping back in time – the facade is historically classified and the interior hasn’t changed much since it was a dance hall in the roaring 20’s. Today, it’s a sunny spot to have a drink.



You can never have too much espresso in this town. It is seriously my life blood…now, off to find more!





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  1. Sylvia Mabe says:

    This makes my warmed over barbecue sandwich from Hawthorne, Florida look like dog food! I love your pictures. You are such good photographer. Best wishes to both of you. Love, Nana


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