chateau life

One of my good friends I made while doing the TEFL course, Lucie, lives just outside Toulouse in a beautiful area called L’Isle-Jourdain. It’s a 45-minute train ride out of the city which makes for a nice weekend escape.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and she gave us a tour of the grounds.





Lucie has a little gaggle of ducks and chickens, the latter of which provides them with fresh eggs.


Her parents loan part of the land to a beekeeper so they also have honey on hand.


Lucie’s boyfriend, friend, and brother were also in town that night, so they had prepared a big feast of wild boar stew and horseradish whipped mashed potatoes.



After stuffing ourselves with stew and finishing off the better half of a cheese board, we carried the bottles next door to the play room.


This great hall had a drum kit, ping pong and pool tables, a piano, and an American flag with 49 stars (made before the 50th state joined the union).

The next morning, we slept late and woke up to the quiet calm of country morning. Coffee and croissants were waiting in the kitchen thanks to Lucie’s dad. The weather was the best we’ve seen in weeks, clear and beautiful, so we spent most of that day hiking in the hills around their house. After a couple of hours, we came back home and had stew leftovers and then packed our things to head back to the train station.

Back in Toulouse that night, Daniel and I fell into bed sleepy and grateful.




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