beauty and the burger

I’ve had some of the best and mind-blowing food I’ve ever had in my life here in southern France and yet every now and then, it’s fun to have something from home. Case in point, some friends and I (another American included) had lunch at Le Vintage.12695944_10107179598064773_241676163_n

Daniel and I are quite happy to dive into our adoptive culture and have tried many-a-fine French cuisine (heyy, Michel Sarran). What’s not to like about endless combinations of meat, cheese, and bread? But one craving that is hard to ignore is a burger à la française. It turns out that Le Vintage has a pretty damn good one.


Another pleasant surprise about Le Vintage was the crowd. I was worried this restaurant might be where lost American tourists go to eat because they’re scared to try anything else, but in fact, the place was packed with Toulousians on lunch break. The love for burgers knows no borders.

I often can’t end a meal without something sweet, or a café, so after throwin’ back an espresso, I went in search of a cupcake shop I had found online. Anyone who knows me knows my line of work back home. I’m always in the mood to taste test and I’ve never met a piece I didn’t like. Toulouse has its own cupcake shop near the Capitole, called Cup N Cake.


It’s a sweet little shop, the case is filled with about 10 different flavors and you can eat in the cafe space downstairs. After deliberating for a few minutes, I went with Banoffee and Strawberry White Chocolate.


The Banoffee cupcake kicked ass. It was filled with caramel and banana and topped with whipped cream.

A cupcake has the unique power to alter your outlook and after leaving the shop and walking home, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Toulouse was looking that day and it made me grateful all over again to be here.










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