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One of the best things about living in Toulouse is our proximity to Spain, specifically Barcelona. I had never been before we moved here and now I can proudly say that we’ve been back several times (here and here)! It’s 3 hours away by direct train which means that when friends visit, it’s a big draw.

I want to add to the record the names of a few new places we found and loved.

Mesón del Café

This tiny tapas restaurant is squeezed between tacky tourist shops on a small alley in the Gothic Quarter. When your eyes fall on it, you’re so relieved to not be seeing more souvenirs or another gelato shop. It draws you in immediately. It’s great “revival” food, for when your feet are tired from walking all day, but it’s not quite stop-for-dinner time. And the owner behind the bar has a very heavy pour.




A vegetarian/vegan restaurant serving craft beers in the Born District. I hate to say it, but in Barcelona you will eventually get tired of tapas so this is a nice change-up.



So colorful! So fresh! And in the middle of the Barceloneta. You can sit on the front patio with a view of the ocean or choose the harbor side.



La Deliciosa

During the summer months, all of the beach side bars along the Barceloneta open their doors to the thirsty sunbathers. One in particular is an absolute oasis. Their menu is huge and the view on the shaded patio is enough to make you want to stay all day.



A local business that sells colorful, flexible eyewear. Same lenses, any frame. I wanted some so bad, but I lived vicariously through Tara’s purchase.


Fundació Joan Miró

A modern art museum honoring Joan Miró located on the same hill as the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Lots of surrealist pieces.







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