Dan has a friend who shares his musical taste and in June, he invited us to a festival in Nimes called This Is Not A Love Song (TINALS). Nimes is just three hours away, so we hopped in Lucas’ car and left Friday afternoon.

We had purchased day tickets for Friday and Saturday and were really excited because some of the acts included Ty Segall and The Muggers, Battles, Sheer Mag, Downtown Boys, and Explosions in the Sky.

TINALS was hosted at the Paloma performing arts center which had two interior stages. Then there were two exterior stages with food trucks and activity tents scattered about. I liked how small and easy and navigate the festival was; we never had to go very far to see the next act.



After Ty Segall’s set, we watched a few other bands and then found a Vegas-style wedding chapel, complete with an Elvis impersonator. There was a rack of dress-up clothes for the couples and then the bystanders would throw rice once Elvis had proclaimed them “married”.


We got some food from the trucks and watched Explosions in the Sky from the back of the crowd. The light was perfect for their set.



The next day, we wandered through the activities tent. You could rent croquet sets, make your own badges and tote bags, shop for records, or do something called Maxi Speed Meeting. The best was a DIY flower crown station which was really speaking to my inner basic white girl. I held out for a couple of hours but I eventually caved.


We were watching Sheer Mag play when Dan realized he was standing next to the singer of Downtown Boys and chatted her up afterwards. She was so nice! We tried not to geek out too much, but we wound up telling her the story of how our band had almost played a show with them back in Raleigh. It made me think how funny it was to be hanging out with an American band in the middle of a random music festival in France.



One of our favorite performances was a band none of us had heard of called NO ZU. They’re from Australia and classify themselves as “heat-beat”. It was the last show of their tour, so they went really hard and crazy on stage.


Downtown Boys closed the festival that night and it was amazing. The lead singer of Sheer Mag even joined them on stage. On our way out, we found the free photo booth and took an excessive amount of mediocre snapshots.



Before driving back to Toulouse, Lucas took us to the historic center of Nimes to see the Roman coliseum. It was built around 70 AD (!!) and is now a popular music venue. Acts such as Justice, Metallica, and Depeche Mode have played inside the fortified walls.


This was a quick weekend well spent!


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