A year ago today, Daniel and I got married in North Carolina before we moved to Toulouse. We had a simple courthouse ceremony and afterwards went across the street to a bar with our two witness friends. A big ceremony/reception is planned for when we get back to the States later this year, so that all of our friends and family can be included.

While doing some wedding planning here in Toulouse, I realized that I had no high-res, professional quality pictures of the two of us. I was building a wedding website and my iPhone pictures looked so bad, that I decided to find an English-speaking photographer here in Toulouse to capture some memories.

Luckily, I came across Lisa Allen’s website. She’s British but lives in southern France with her family and was kind enough to squeeze us into her busy wedding season. When I met with her, I felt like I used a lot of air quotes explaining our situation: we’re technically already married, but Dan “proposed” in Toulouse, and we haven’t had our “wedding” quite yet, but we’re wanting “engagement” style photos taken.

But she got it…and did an amazing job!! I’m posting our favorites below:





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